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I can’t tell you how many times I have started a diet, been focused all week and then binged on cookies all weekend. Calling myself a “fat cow” and starting again on Monday. I honestly thought this was normal until I found Karissa. Food Rehab has completely changed my eating behaviours – I can finally keep treats in the house without needing to eat them all. I can’t recommend this program enough.



I found the Food Rehab program SO fascinating!!! I knew I had a problem and had dieted on and off for years so it was like a constant cycle. I am a mum of two, I work full time and life is extremely busy and stressful at times. What I found so interesting is how connected everything is in regards to each topic that Karissa covers for example using food as a coping mechanism. It all resonated with me.

Since completing the program I can recognise emotional triggers and deal with them differently and I am less obsessed with thinking about food and what I eat.

Anna Cappadona


As a chronic dieter and all around overachiever, I couldn’t believe that I had never previously considered that my punishing, discipline and toughness focus not only didn’t help with my long term weight less, it actually hindered it. This reason why I say it is the least important change is because the biggest change is that I am at peace with myself, I love food without obsessing over it, I am more in love with exercise than ever and more importantly, I’ve built a life I love so much and food is no longer the only thing that brings me joy.

Anita Acavalos


One of the most powerful things that I have gained from this programme is the reassurance and empowerment to choose who the fuck I am.

In my best moments I am choosing to be a better version and in my worst moments I know that I can choose to sit with the hardest feelings and then move forward.

Everything I do now is motivated by the choice to be a better me.

Kym Hansford


3 weeks into Karissa’s Food Rehab Intensive Program I went to a buffet lunch. In the past this would have been guaranteed that I would leave completely stuffed. But I was able to eat exactly what I wanted, stop when I was full and not give a second thought to the buffet. UNHEARD OF BEFORE NOW. The best bit was it truly felt effortless and I feel like I already have a handle on my eating.



My eating behaviours are linked to a limiting belief that I need to be thin to find love. When I figured this out it just blew my mind and sounded so ridiculous, but I didn’t realise because of the long pathway between those two things. Biggest win so far? Just the fuck it attitude I’m developing towards food – I ate half a bar of chocolate yesterday and just felt totally indifferent.

What do I like most? The fact that it’s simple – it’s only one hour per week and a few tools and things to implement but it makes suchhh a difference.

Katie Lehane